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Found 3 results

  1. How do I ensure that Gena isn't renaming objects and retains both or either layers/tags of the original object. Currently everything is being set to 'default' and untagged regardless of prior settings which negates any time saved with Gena unfortunately because that must now be spent manually reassigning these things. Is there a way to retain the way prefabs were setup before Gena Spawns them?
  2. Hello, I'm trying to get the hang of Gena but I'm finding the spawn system a bit cumbersome now that I'm fully using it in conjunction with Gaia. Perhaps I'm not using it correctly so would like to get some advice on how to have to a 'nondestructive' workflow. Based on my understanding - Gena is supposed to be the PW tool to accomplish this type of 'targeted world spawn' as opposed to Gaias procedural placement system. It seems it's more of spawn brush tool based on my experience with the tool, documentation and youtube tutorials. Is there away to actualize this targeted spawn capabilities? Here is my use case / user story: I have a specific town variant / instance I am trying to spawn in a specific place along the beach - lets say "Beach Town" - there is only one of these towns and it's placement is specific to the story / world. For this example lets say that Beach Town was initially 'Gena click placed' (aka spawned by clicking in Gena on the terrain) at x250 y5 z250. [Time passes] Now I get an update request from my team with changes to make to Beach Town on varying levels. I add in (hypothetically) another 'block' to the town (one more street and set of buildings and say a few NPC placements that weren't there before). My Issue simplified (hopefully) Once I place the Beach Town 'instance' & 'palette prototypes' in the world (leveraging Gena Decorator / unpacker etc) and then need to make updates - I am finding that the only way to update that 'Beach Town Instance' with new objects is to fully remove it from the scene hiearchy and then re-place the beach town instance in the world. This is what i would term a destructive workflow and one that eats up times with having to remove and replace every time I have to add a house or any otherwise object / prefab. Is there any way to 'set' a Gena Spawn up so it ALWAYS spawns at that point and I can make changes to the root prefabs and have them be 'added' in as they are in said prefab. No disrespect intended as I value these tools but it feels like any spawned utility obtained from Gena is lost by having to remove/replace Workflow Solution? If there is a workflow solution to this to remove the destructive elements of the workflow please please let me know. If not - I feel Gena's utility and UX would benefit incredibly from a 'Update Spawned Instances' button that would 'refresh' / update your spawned instances with any changes / new ingested prototypes made at the spawner manager level. Thank you for reading - hoping the fix is a workflow one
  3. Hello When I'm going through the workflow of setting up my 'full' terrain setup - I've noticed that the 'stamped terrain' (as in the terrain created by the terrain stamper not the preview) becomes offset from the "world origin". Practically this means if i 'fit to world' with the terrain stamper - the next time I 'fit to world' with a biome it's offset from the 'original world origin'. I am not translating the world at all. I suspect it has to do with the terrain scenes becoming unloaded and then loading in at a different origin in the editor space. I'm hoping this is a simple workflow error I've made but I'd like to have everything 'fitting' into the same world-space from the same origins. I am using pretty much stock Gaia everything. hope this makes sense - happy to clarify
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