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Found 2 results

  1. Hello When I'm going through the workflow of setting up my 'full' terrain setup - I've noticed that the 'stamped terrain' (as in the terrain created by the terrain stamper not the preview) becomes offset from the "world origin". Practically this means if i 'fit to world' with the terrain stamper - the next time I 'fit to world' with a biome it's offset from the 'original world origin'. I am not translating the world at all. I suspect it has to do with the terrain scenes becoming unloaded and then loading in at a different origin in the editor space. I'm hoping this is a simple workflow error I've made but I'd like to have everything 'fitting' into the same world-space from the same origins. I am using pretty much stock Gaia everything. hope this makes sense - happy to clarify
  2. Hello again! A follow on question from the one I raised earlier this month. Is there a feature of Gaia that allows me to create a game world made up of multiple biomes? More than 2. With more ogranic look, but related to positions in the world? Like: What if I want to generate world divided by areas and each area can have multiple biomes. For example, I want to set north region - is only "X > 5000" and in north region should be 4 biomes. Taiga, arctik, ice mountains and taiga with other trees. Can I use automatic generation or I should use stampers/biome generators by hand? I read doc and watch video. But it is not covering my needs.
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