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    Full of mystery and wonders.
    “A forest is a much more than you can see” (Suzanne Simard). Ecologists now know that trees communicate and share resources. CANOPY, too, is a place to grow with a community passionate about creating amazing worlds and games.
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  • Terrains, Landscapes, Worlds.
    Gaia is an all-in-one terrain and scene generation system.

    Simple, fast, and pretty terra-forming, texturing, planting and procedural content placement using our sample assets or yours. Save time, money and heartache creating worlds for desktop, console, mobile and vr.

    Gaia is the wide roller brush that does the majority of the work.

    Roads, Rivers, Cities, Worlds.
    GeNa is the swiss army knife of spawning systems.

    Create stunning environments fast with the flexibility to go fully procedural, fully manual or somewhere in between. Position grass, trees, fences, rivers, roads and even towns, quickly, naturally, and exactly where you want them.

    GeNa is the fine touching brush that paints in the details.

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  • We create tools that create worlds.

    Our mission is to empower people to create, populate, automate and navigate worlds.

    About Procedural Worlds

    Procedural Worlds is a visionary team of artist-developers dedicated to creating powerful tools to procedurally generate 3D worlds. We understand the pain – and the joy – of creating new worlds where we can all learn, play and grow. Our mission is to truly empower the creativity of all world-builders, whether you are a beginner, indie, or professional.

    We are the creators of Gaia & GeNa Pro and a whole suite of other Unity tools. Our work has been globally recognized with awards and thousands of 5-star reviews on the Unity asset store. Gaia was awarded "Best Artistic Tool" by the community in the 2020 Unity awards.

    We are a Unity partner, an Intel software innovator and partner, and have collaborated with top studios and companies including Wargaming.net, Google, BMW, Crowfall, and NASA.
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