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I"m having a hard time with Gaia Pro 2021 v3.22, my Biome Spawns no grass with Custom Player , only with Gai players

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In v3.21 it works with my custom player but in v3.22, no matter how many times i try it just won't show the grass/flowers.   I haven't updated to 3.23 because i read the description and it didn't say any significant features.  I think it just said something good for a later version of Unity.

I Use 2021.1.x.  Anyways, in v3.22 custom player zero grass/flowers( billboar d type), but as soon as i switch the player to a Gaia player like FPS or flying camera etc the grass appears., and yes i added flora. And in v3.21 it's easy and everything works fine. Should i just move back to v3.21?

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Just a few things: 

If you are using Gaia Pro 2021 the latest version is 3.2.4

As far as the issue goes with the grass / flowers. I recommend that you take a look at the Terrain Tile Inspector. 
Make sure that the Source camera is set correctly. 

You should be able to use Custom Players just make sure that the camera and player are properly tagged. 
Im some cases you may need to remove flora and then add flora to the scene. 

3.2.4 I have tested before writing this with a custom player and camera and Flora is working as expected. 

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Thanks i got that new upate today and the patch. I saw another thread because i was getting 25 errors from the script Photomode.cs and then i looked in the forum and another user was having same problem and the Procedural worlds staff posted a fix package and i downloaded too and mine got fixed too. I am gonna install now 🙂 and set it up and see how the v3.24 works

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On 6/29/2022 at 1:02 PM, Bryan said:

Perfect let me know how that goes! 


Oh It worked perfect! Now i get grass and flowers fine!!!!!! it's awesome and Also the Patch fixed the big problem of the errors

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