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Remove a single Tree that is pointed at


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I would like to take a nice terrain that is generated and inside of the runtime and remove a single tree that is singled out and can be pointed to. If it can't be done dynamically that's a start. Such as maybe I can declare a section of a forest a different biome (that magically has no trees) but then the stamps need to regenerate and the terrain will look different, I can work with that.


I'm just starting out with things but have specific goals in mind so am perfectly fine with a series of things to learn about before getting to it. It's only that there is a lot to learn of all different types and I like starting from a specific task.

I am using Unity 2021 - latest LTR and Gaia Pro 2021

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Hi @Rangoric, not sure if I understand you correctly, I assume you want to run a gaia generated terrain, then e.g. click on a tree to make it disappear? That works in general - note that Gaia puts out unity standard terrain, so you can use the unity API to manipulate the terrain and e.g. remove trees.
Where it gets tricky is the difference between Unity Terrain Trees and individual Game Objects: When you use terrain trees, those are being optimized for runtime, and for example the colliders of the trees will be combined with the terrain. This makes it a bit more difficult to e.g. select a single tree when it was clicked on.
With Trees as individual Game Objects it is a bit easier, because Game Objects would have their own collider, and you can also have scripts running on them. There it is a bit easier to do interactivity, but in return they will perform a bit worse then the Terrain trees in rendering.

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Ok, this covers what I was looking for and gives me good places to start from.

So, either I need to work with the terrain and remove them there, and also deal with the collider not being designed for this.

Or work with the trees as not attached to the terrain and deal with the performance impact but easier to work with conceptually.

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