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Stylized River Water Solution

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Hey Team,

Ive been using a great stylized water solution, but using prefabs for it just doesn’t cut it, especially given you can’t hide seams.


I’ve been loving toying around with Gena and making rivers - but struggle to get anything close to that stylized look.   I’ve tried changing the Built In material, but it just sticks with the PW version - being pretty new to the system, can anyone guide me on how to either get my own working, or something out there that works?  My stylized water doesn’t contain all the same textures etc as Gena requires which is why I might have an issue? 


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Whoops - never mind that.  Changed the material - all good now.  But the direction of material is going towards the banks of the river instead of down the river… any idea how to rotate it?  Thanks!

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There is a texture that defines the flow (a flow map) for each river.  Will your shader take a flow map? If so, take a look at what a baked river uses (with our River Flow Shader) and perhaps you can use that.  There is also a button to save the river flow texture (without having to bake it).

Edit: The reason that the other material is rendering from side to side, instead of along the flow of the river is probably the usage of the UV coordinates for direction.  If you can control which of U or V is used for the direction of flow then that should also work.

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