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Why does gena spawner remove unrelated monobehaviours from the spawned prefab object


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Gena spawner seems to delete all mono behaviours from spawned prefab object.

I have the root game object in the spawned prefab like this.


And I have a sub game object with a biome mask monobehaviour that gets removed when the object is spawned.


Here's the spawned object tree, and this _Sp_HomeAreaBiomeMask doesn't have the biome mask behaviour.


Thanks for advance.

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10 hours ago, Manny said:

Hey @Abdalla,

I can confirm this works by design. Due to how the decorator system functions, GeNa actually unpacks + reconstructs GameObjects when you spawn. This is so that GeNa can add variation to whatever you spawn in the scene. 

The good news is that there are definitely workarounds to what you're trying to do though! Instead of trying to spawn the object unpacked, you could put your HomeAreaBiomeMask GameObject into a Prefab and GeNa should spawn the object as a prefab instance! 

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you 😁

That worked, thank you!

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