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Path related backslashes in code breaking Unity MacOs Asset import :)


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Hi everyone, I was trying out Scene Optimizer in Unity 2022.3.4 on MacOs and noticed that it fails when Scene Optimizer is trying to add its optimised assets to the project. As an abbreviated example, it throws a UnityException: Creating asset at path Assets/XX/XX/Scenes\Demo_Scene_1\Small Objects/XX.asset failed etc. etc. The thing to take note of here are the pesky backslashes in the path. What happens next is that Unity is stuck in a AssetDatabase.StartAssetEditing() state and the Editor gets stuck in a never ending Importing assets loop, because it's not hitting that "AssetDatabase.StopAssetEditing();" code in SceneOptimizer.cs. 319GB of memory usage later left a burning hole in the floor where my Mac used to be. I had a quick look at the code and replaced (not the LEET way to do this) the path related backslashes in EditorEvents.cs (see meshPath and filePath variables) and  SceneOptimizer.cs (see fullPath variable) which did the trick for me. Hope this helps someone 🙂 

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