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Scripts-only package throws assembly reference error in clean project


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I'm trying to import a scripts-only package generated by Gaia Pro into a clean 2021.3 URP project. Creating the package goes smoothly, but importing into the new project throws the following error:


Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Scripts\Utils\GaiaUtils.cs(29,12): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'ShaderUtilities' does not exist in the namespace 'Gaia' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

Has anyone run into this? Cheers.

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Further investigation: this is maybe only for built-in pipeline. When I comment it out, the build works. That's probably not the right way to fix it, though.

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Hi @twoevils I looked into this error a bit, and I find it a bit odd, basically the original error reads as Gaia.ShaderUtilities was not defined in the project, but it definitely is, it should be defined in the file

Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Shaders\Scripts\ShaderUtility.cs

The entire folder Gaia\Shaders\Scripts should still be included when creating the "Scripts only package" of Gaia. Could you please check if this file exists in your project? If commenting out the line works for you, I would not expect any negative consequences, it is a bit strange though because I would expect a different error to pop up then when you comment out that line.

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