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Gaia Known Issues


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This post contains information about all known issues currently present in Gaia.

Open Issues

No open issues at the moment.

Fixed Issues

Moving the Gaia installation folder results in errors
Fixed in Gaia Version 3.3.1 and higher
Applies to: Gaia version 3.3.0
When the Gaia installation folder is moved to a different directory, this results in erros like:

"Trying to access pass 1, but material 'Hidden/Gaia/StampPreview' subshader (0) has only 1 valid passes."

This is due to newly added shader include files using a fixed path that prevents correct compilation when Gaia is located in a different directory. To fix this issue, please reimport the Gaia folder in the new location. This should fix the issue, please see this thread:


HDRP compilation issues
Fixed in Gaia Version 3.3.0 and higher
Applies to:  Installations in HDRP when the unity editor version is 2021.1 and lower.

When Installing Gaia version 3.2.3 in HDRP in unity editor version 2021.1 and lower, you will see a bunch of error messages:


To fix this, please install this attached patch:



You can unzip and then install the included .unitypackage via Assets > Import Package > Custom Package and install it over the existing Gaia version, that should fix the compile errors you encountered.
This patch will automatically be included in the next Gaia update.

Error Message "Property _NormalLayer0 already exists in the property sheet" appears in the console

Fixed in Gaia Version 3.2.3 and higher
Applies to:  Gaia Pro 2021 Version 3.2.2, probably earlier versions as well
Only reported for URP and Unity LTS release 2021.3.3.

When updating to the latest LTS release 2021.3.3 in URP, you start to see the following error messages in the console:


These error messages do only appear in the most recent LTS version in the URP Pipeline why it went undiscovered so far.  It originates from the way information is updated in the water shader. Please install the attached "GaiaWaterSystemPatch" to fix the issue:


You can install it by unzipping the file, and importing the contained .unitypackage via Assets > Import Package > Custom Package
This patch will be included in the next update of Gaia by default.

Rendering Issue in Builds when using Flora in the latest HDRP / URP version 12.1.4
Applies to: Gaia Pro 2021 Version 3.1.0 and higher

Not a Gaia Bug, but a bug with instanced indirect rendering in certain Unity Editor Versions. Please use Unity Editor Version 2021.2.12 or higher to avoid this issue.

When running Flora in a build with HDRP / URP version 12.1.4, there is a rendering issue occurring in the build, and the Flora items are not rendering correctly:

Example HDRP


Example URP


This does seem due to a change with how Instanced Indirect works on shadergraph shaders that utilize the Lit output node. It is currently not 100% clear if this is an unity bug, but it does not seem to be the C# flora code that performs the instanced indirect rendering. The issue has been reported to unity, and we are looking for a workaround. If you intend to use Flora in HDRP / URP, try to avoid version 12.1.4 for the time being.

Issues when creating the Flora configuration based on a Mesh terrain detail
Applies to:  Gaia Pro 2021 Version 3.1.0 and higher - fixed in Version 3.2.0

When creating a Flora configuration from a mesh terrain detail in a Gaia terrain detail spawner, Gaia will create a Flora configuration, however it will not copy the mesh over from the terrain detail correctly. When you then try to assign a mesh manually in the Flora configuration, it will not accept the mesh in there, making it impossible to set up the Flora config correctly.
This is a bug in Gaia that occurs when the configuration is being created while there is a mesh assigned in the terrain detail. What you can do to work around the issue is you can temporarily assign a texture in the terrain detail, create the Flora configuration, then switch back to a mesh and also assign the mesh in the Flora configuration. You can read more about this workaround in this thread. 

The bug itself will be fixed in the next Gaia update.

Interior Weather Controller Volume Issues
Applies to:  Gaia Pro 2021 Version 3.1.4 - fixed in Version 3.2.0

When using the Interior Weather Controller, it does not work properly to block the effects out. This feature has been developed for an earlier versions of the weather effects and did not work properly with the newer versions of weather anymore. This has been addressed and a patch can be downloaded here:


Gaia XR player controller throws an error after activation
Applies to:  Gaia 2021 / Gaia Pro 2021 Version 3.1.3 - fixed in Version 3.1.4

When activating the XR Player controller in the Gaia Setup tab, the following error is displayed in the console:

Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Scripts\Scene Managment\Editor\GaiaSceneManagement.cs(1420,28): error CS7036: There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'parentPlayer' of 'GaiaGlobal.FinalizePlayerObjectEditor(GameObject, GaiaSettings, bool)'

This is a bug in Gaia, to fix this please download this file, rename the extension it to ".unitypackage" and install it in the project:


Gaia can throw an error with complex camera setups when creating runtime
Applies to:  Gaia 2021 / Gaia Pro 2021 Version 3.1.3 - fixed in Version 3.1.4

When trying to (re-)create the runtime from the Gaia Manager Window, Gaia displays the following error:

Error while creating the Gaia Runtime setup: Destroying a GameObject inside a Prefab instance is not allowed., Stack Trace:   at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Object.DestroyImmediate(UnityEngine.Object,bool)
  at UnityEngine.Object.DestroyImmediate (UnityEngine.Object obj) [0x00003] in <0ee480759f3d481d82ada245dc74f9fd>:0
  at Gaia.GaiaSceneManagement.RemoveGaiaControllers (System.String playerPrefabName, System.Boolean spawnAtLocation, Gaia.GaiaSceneInfo sceneinfo, UnityEngine.Camera customPlayerCamera, System.Boolean removeCamera) [0x00097] in filepath:\Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Scripts\Scene Managment\Editor\GaiaSceneManagement.cs:913'

This is a bug in Gaia, to fix this please download this file, rename the extension it to ".unitypackage" and install it in the project:




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