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Standard Shader vs URP on Grass and overall look


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Hey guys. I am going back and forth with trying to decide what kind of render pipeline to use. 

URP seems like it has some amazing potential (especially with Shader Graph). I learned as well with Road Splines and GeNa the blending has to be supported under URP.  

The problem I seem to be running into the overall shadows and textures seem to be really bad compared to Standard Built In which seems opposite.

What would I be giving up if I decide to stick to Built In vs URP. I know Shader Graph which sucks a lot, but I cant seem to find a good medium on getting URP to work with the grass and textures. I tried even a new scene using a new biome, but its not as smooth as say the Built In pipeline. 

The below pictures are the same spots (different biomes).  You will notice the vast different in color, shadow, etc.


(really old Gaia Version, Gaia Pro Biome, Built In Render Pipeline


(Latest Gaia Pro version, Coniferous Biome, URP pipeline tried 8.2 and 10.) 


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If you haven't already, you should read the Unity docs on URP. The switch is just a simple 1 for 1.

Built in, URP and HDRP have their own separate ways of rendering light. You can NOT use the same light settings across the three. They do vastly different things and have different performance costs.

Wirhout knowing your profile it looks like the difference is global illumination. 

But like I said, definitely familiar yourself with the URP lights so you know what the differences are. And if your using the same scene after converting you'll have to adjust lights.

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Yes, that is true Tikal. 

HDRP is going to have better lighting and some locked features than built-in. 
URP is the same way, you would need to see which render pipeline will work best for you, and determine if your assets are the same way. 

Not everything is compatible with URP, HDRP does have a way to convert built-in materials to HDRP.

Lighting can be a bit tricky but as mentioned above they are vastly different between the different pipelines. 

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Thanks that makes sense. It does look like they released Shader Graph for Built In. I have things setup pretty solid for Standard so I may just keep that route. I did play around with the URP settings, but without digging in depth a ton I feel it would be easier to push forward with what I already had. Thanks guys

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