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You tube videos, for Game development?


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I been debating for years, as I try and help users, from Gena, to Gaia, to other assets on the store and Unity, Unreal in general..   I'm not a huge you tube fan, but I been debating to make some you tube videos, to help users out in these areas, that say PW  does not have . (impossible to cover everything. , or even Unity in general. 

Most would be pretty short, and straight to the point videos of how to do certain things.  Like, how to make a cliffs, spawners, and different types of decorators, using Gena, to using Gena to spawn any object in game.   I will use Splines for some stuff as well.

The larger ones, which at first won't be as common, unless there is a large audience, wanting this. 

Like I would think about, common topics, how to make a cave, but using modular, performant methods. ( this would not be short).  

But alot of what I was thinking was, making some short  videos, to medium length to go over specific features, functions of an asset..   Also how I do things, in the professional world, things I have learned, from either myself, or by others, who I been around for nearly 3 decades.  NO one knows it all, I still learn, and try new techniques, so I plan to share what I have learned, and what I learn even as I work.


So trying to get to a sense, if people really want to see Unity, Unreal, and game development, videos, to teach specific techniques.  Most would include, how to optimize, to how to do something faster, and more efficient. Some vids I won't be able to do short ones, but I plan to try to do them as short as I can, for the ones that I can.  


I thought of doing this before as Discord can be a huge distraction for me, but I enjoy helping others, and sometimes over Discord, its hard to help people, understand what your trying to tell them.  

Would users like to see this happen?  if I did, I wouldn't use Discord as much, again this would in a sense replace that, I still would be around but I would make it less, this way I can still help people, but with less distraction.  


Not sure if I will do this right now seeing if people would benefit from this.??   thoughts, suggestions. 


Alot of what I would make is how I use Gena pro, and some Gaia, and some other PW assets.   I don't use Sector, but I can share, techniques that will help with Open world.. I do use Gaia streaming, and WS.  So you would see stuff from GAIA.  You would see , stuff exported out of Unity, Gena, to Modo, and/or to Unreal. as well... 


If this does well, I may start streaming, myself do certain work in the future.. if there is a large audience, its something I been thinking about for a long time. 


PS: I need to stay away from Discord, its becoming a huge distraction again for me. ( I work on my own games right now, but I really enjoy helping others.. SO, trying to be able to still do that with out, stopping all together. 


Let me know, you can also DM me, I know I get a ton of DM's, and some people don't like to talk openly, so you can DM me here or Discord as well, for your thoughts.   I'm still up in the air about how, when, if I want to do this.   



 Edit: if I where to do this, this is in no way connected to Procedural worlds,  Unity, Epic, or anyone else.  The work I would do is how I do things, when using some of these game engines, assets, software and much more.   


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