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Generating Impostor in URP - Flipped texture + fog causes washed out render texture


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Hey everyone,

After migrating from Unity 2020 to 2022,

I was trying to bake multiple terrains to impostors using the "Ortho capture" method. The texture was always turning out washed-out/white and incorrectly rendered with blocky-ness and flip. After a bit of trouble shooting I realized two things:

  • Fog was active and density was high during conversion.
  • Had to comment out the UPPipeline flip code block.

Added the following piece of code to OrthographicBake.cs should mitigate it:

// New member variable
private static bool m_FogActive;

// In LightsOff()
m_FogActive = RenderSettings.fog;
RenderSettings.fog = false;

// In LightsOn()
RenderSettings.fog = m_FogActive;

Commented out the following (or add a less-than version define!):

#if HDPipeline || UPPipeline
            Material flipMat = new Material(Shader.Find("Hidden/Gaia/FlipY"));
            flipMat.SetTexture("_InputTex", m_tmpRenderTexture);
            RenderTexture buffer = RenderTexture.GetTemporary(m_tmpRenderTexture.descriptor);
            Graphics.Blit(m_tmpRenderTexture, buffer, flipMat);
            Graphics.Blit(buffer, m_tmpRenderTexture);


My Unity version: 2022.1.23f1 Pro
Pipeline: URP 13.1.8
Build platform: Android

Hope that helps someone.

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