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GeNa Terrain Extension offset from spline in GeNa 3.5.1 (Unity 2021.3.24f1)

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I'm having trouble with, I think, the Terrain Texture extension in GeNa. It's either that or Clear Details, but either way the resulting detail clearance is skewed to one side of my GeNa Road:



Before Clear Details:


After Clear Details:


After Texture:




You'll see that clearance is heavily skewed to the right of the road there, with terrain details up to the very left side edge.

I've read in the past that this is caused by properties of the terrain, such as the resolution. I'm happy to tweak any terrain settings to get this to work, if that's helpful?

Thank you!

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Here is my terrain config. The terrain was generated using the latest version of Gaia Pro 3.3.6:



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I've tried increasing the Detail Resolution to:

  • Detail Resolution Per Path: 32
  • Detail Resolution: 1024

But that's made the effect even more pronounced: 


Either the Clear Details is skewed to the left or the Texture is skewed to the right.

What's weird is that the preview looks right, but actually applying it does not:


You can see the gaps on the left that have been cleared outside of the preview area. And also see terrain details under the preview on the right, that should have been cleared.

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Hey @mroshaw,

I have been investigating this issue actively. Your screenshots have been a great help, but weirdly, I haven't been able to recreate the same problem on my end yet.

I've noticed that Unity sometimes has issues with Terrain serialization, and that might be messing with the settings you've changed. So, here's an idea: could you try setting up a new Terrain with the same settings and see if the problem persists?

Really appreciate your patience while we sort this out. Feel free to reach out if you have any other info or questions.

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Hey Manny,

I've tried a couple of things and can consistently reproduce with a Gaia "Medium" world - it seems to work okay with Tiny and Small. Here are my steps:

  1. Using Unity 2021.3.24f1, Build In Render Pipeline, Gaia Pro 3.3.6
  2. Create a new scene
  3. In Gaia Manager, create a new world
    1. World Size: Medium
    2. Target Platform: Powerful Desktop
    3. Target Biome: Alpine Meadow
  4. Generate World
  5. Spawn Biome
  6. In GeNa Manager, create new a Road Spline
  7. Create the road
  8. In the Clear Details Extension:
    1. Width: 6
    2. Shoulder: 1.5
  9. Click "Clear Details"
  10. In the Texture Extension:
    1. Width: 3
    2. Strength: 1
    3. Shoulder: 1.5
  11. Click "Texture"

You can see the gap between the cleared details and the textured road:


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Hey @mroshaw,

Thanks for providing me with this information! I'll try and investigate with the parameters you've shown me. 
Please keep an eye on this thread and I'll reply with my findings! 

Thanks mate! 🙂

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  • Solution

Thought I'd update this, in case others have come across the same issue.

I've been able to successfully test a hotfix that Manny produced, so hopefully see a fix to this coming with the next GeNa update. Thanks again Manny!

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