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User chooses music theme via UI


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Can I clarify my understanding please.


In my game I have a sequence called "Sequence 2" playing. 

Say I have a script that triggers an Ambient Sounds Event called "play sequence1" via a UI menu option/button pressed by the player.

In the sequence named "Sequence 1" there is an event mix in the requirements that is set to "all" for "play sequence 1". 

In the sequence named "Sequence 2" there is an event mix in the requirements that is set to "none" for "play sequence 1". 


Will that be a way for the player to switch playing from Sequence 2 to Sequence 1?


Second question:

Is there a way to enable & disable a group of sequences ? as in, is there a way to name a group of sequences (or even a number of sequences listed under the same sync group) and have them enabled / disabled via a script ?




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The first part would be correct, I don't see an issue with that. 
As far as part 2, I believe the same trigger setup could be used as was mentioned in part 1. 
I.E. you could set them up with a "none" requirement of either a value or event, then set value/event as needed. 

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