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performance spikes using gaia built-in streaming

Bharat Sharma

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I'm using gaia pro 2021 in unity 2021.3.19 (hdrp). World size 5*4, 512 tile size, quality is set to mobile and vr  (using built-in streaming). There is a very big performance hit in the editor or the built scene seems to have frozen, and incremental garbage collection is turned on. As you can see the screenshot I haven't even spawned the biome yet. Only have placed some buildings and rocks using gena. image.thumb.png.57fc9c0a8520387c29339d710ba76522.png

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Well that is about a 10k size world which would make sense. 
You would need to unload some of those outside terrains. 

Those rocks seem to be fairly high poly as well. Make sure that they are under the correct terrain that its sitting on for occlusion and unload / loading purposes. 

Other than that I would check your textures, make sure that you are not using ultra high res terrain textures. 

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 Hello @Bryan I'm using berp and it's gena spawner pack to place things, as far as I know all of those things have LOD's on them and textures are pre-configure gaia biome comes with the spawner pack, for terrain quality is set to Mobile and vr, gts is not yet applied, for textures (textures streaming is on). Spike happens when we load a new terrain it's powerful enough to get freezed even in the build.

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Can you please check a build? 

The Loading.LockPersistentManager is usually there when the terrain is loading in the editor but is not when you are using a build. 


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Hi @Bharat Sharma, thanks for posting the build profiler data, this is usually "more to reality" as the async loading can behave differently between the unity editor and a build. The culprit seems to be "Loading.AwakeFromLoad" - could you please unfold this entry as well and check what it says inside there?
If it is listing "Texture.AwakeFromLoad" below, the problem is most likely that a lot of objects come into view that have not been loaded before, this issue is discussed in this unity forum thread:
Please note that Gaia uses async scene loading for the streaming feature, however we have no control over what happens during the scene load in the unity engine. If you e.g. have a lot of objects on a terrain that have not been rendered before, or contain scripts that run on initialization that can contribute to load spikes that we cannot automatically prevent or optimize away during the creation of the terrain scenes that Gaia loads.

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