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Update: HDRP Time of Day System v1.2.0


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We just released an update for the HDRP Time of Day System both on Canopy and the Unity Asset Store. The update comes with compatibility for the Unity 2022.2 (and the higher HDRP versions found therein) and contains a lot of improvements and fixes.




Please note: This version requires a clean install due to script reorganization! If you have a previous version installed, please perform the following:

  1. Remove the old Assets/Procedural Worlds/HDRP Time Of Day folder
  2. Open Edit > Project Settings > Player and look for the "Scripting Defines" section. Remove the "HDRPTIMEOFDAY" scripting define and click "Apply"

Then install as usual.
Should you have missed any of these steps earlier, you can perform them now to get a clean install. Please remember that when installing alongside Gaia, there is a menu entry under Window > Procedural Worlds > HDRP Time Of Day to remove old Gaia files as well.


  • 2022.2 support. (Fixed compile errors; now uses volume blending for better performance when transitioning to a weather effect)
  • Assembly Definition Files can now be used more quickly due to script reorganization
  • Ray tracing improvements (More settings, better defaults, and using ray trace utilities to separate the code)
  • Ray Tracing Utils (Beta) Window that helps you optimize your prefabs for ray tracing use. (Open Window/Procedural Worlds/HDRP Time Of Day/Open Ray Tracing Utils…)
  • Ray tracing "Show in editor" option to disable ray tracing in the scene view.
  • Scene culling added. (Camera layer culling and shadow culling system)
  • Override volume improvements (Slight tweaks and performance improvements)
  • Added physical camera exposure. (Using the physical camera settings to control the lighting exposure in the scene instead of fixed values)
  • Added Cinemachine support. (Applies the physical exposure to all cinemachine cameras. You can enable this by going to camera settings in time of day and clicking Enable Cinemachine)
  • Improvements to weather transition.
  • API improvements.
  • Interior controller improvements. (Added a fog blend option that inverts the local volumetric fog based on the controller settings to help you hide fog inside the volume space)
  • Weather bug fixes. (Bug where the weather would not startup properly due to missing assigned vfx prefabs/objects)
  • Improved light probe generation (Added a new light probe volume to create probes within a volume space and have object avoidance)
  • Reflection probe system improvements. (Probe system now uses a transition system for blending so no changes in lighting are visible)
  • Additional Probes system (This system allows you to make interior probes assign a profile and control the global intensity to balance out interior lighting to make it darker. Can see samples in the demo scene)
  • Improved lighting when using probe system. (Probes blend better with the new lighting)
  • SSGI support in the reflection probe system for better lighting results when using SSGI.
  • New light sync component. (A component to sync lights up to switch on at night. This system also has a light and shadow culling system to optimize the performance)
  • Material sync system. (Allows you to change material settings such as like turning on emission material properties when it’s night time)
  • Underwater system: You can now connect audio reverb presets to a sea level
  • New Underwater system mode: Time Of Day, allows you to just set a sea level value)
  • Performance improvements.
  • Improved lighting at sunrise/sunset. (Lighting overview and defaults updated to improve the starting setup)
  • Added smart transition for auto exposure to help transition dark to light/light to dark when the sun goes down and the moon rises. This helps remove dark/pitch black transitions when the light source is on the horizon.
  • Setup improvements. (Fixed some bugs in the setup process that caused some issues)
  • Audio mixer support to the ambient audio. (Can now assign audio mixer to the ambient audio for better control and to apply effects)
  • Free camera updates and improvements. (Added a scroll to zoom in and out when not moving and holding RMB)
  • Demo scene updated with new systems.
  • A few more global multipliers added to the HDRP settings
  • Presets manager to load up different times of the day quickly.
  • Manual refresh menu item added to auto refresh the script defines to load/unload scripting defines related to time of day.


& many additional smaller fixes and improvements

You can download the update as a Canopy Pro Subscriber from the download area here:

HDRP Time Of Day Download

Or you can find it on the Unity Asset Store here:

HDRP Time of Day on the Unity Asset Store

About the HDRP Time Of Day System:

The HDRP Time Of Day System is a full-featured lighting, sky, and weather system with a day-night cycle and volumetric clouds. It can be used as a standalone asset in any unity project, but also is integrated with Gaia as well. 



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