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World designer generation gets stuck in min and max height calculations


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I'm using Gaia Pro 3.3.5 with Unity 2022.2.2f1 on Linux.


With an empty standard pipeline project, I have used the Gaia manager "wizard" step 1 (set up the project) and 2 (create world), and then in the inspector randomized stamps and then clicked the "Generate World" button.


Now I'm stuck in "Calculating heights":



This of course means that the Unity editor is stuck as well, and I can't do anything at al but kill it by force.


I have had a couple of problems related to Linux before, could this be a Linux-related issue? With Unity itself or with Gaia Pro?

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As a "workaround" I used the World Designer to generate the world in a Windows virtual machine and then copy to my Linux disk and then continue to work from Linux.


It's not going to work well in the long run though, working in a VM is slow! Even for just the world generation (everything is at lest a magnitude slower than running native on Linux).

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So the issue is that either your Graphics Card or the Graphics API that you selected in Linux doesnt support Compute Shading. 
Normally this should happen almost instantly. 

The workaround that you described is pretty typical unless you can see if your graphics card support compute shading and then change the Graphics API that you are using. 

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On Linux Unity is using OpenGL core 4.5, and I have an nVidia RTX-4080 card. So compute shaders should be available.


However, some searching seems to indicate that compute shaders are not really working well in the Unity editor. This will be a major problem as I can't just switch to Windows, and as mentioned using Windows in a VM will just be too cumbersome. 


Vulkan is available but doesn't seem to work well with the Unity editor on Linux (it doesn't even start then). So I'm kind of  screwed. 😞

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Note that I'm not complaining about you or Gaia itself, it's a terrific product and one I'll still keep on using. It's Unity that can't seem to get their s***t together I'm angry about. 🙂

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If I use the old "Manual with Stamper" method of creating my world it all works fine!


The world designer still doesn't work, but at least now I have a workaround that can be used. 😁

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