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Terrain objects culling


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the terrain switch off and on automatically wen camera angle if off occlusion culling system.. how to make gameobjects placed in that terrain to disapear too along with the terrain ?

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Hi @jonnytracker, skipping rendering of objects outside of the view of the camera is called "Frustum Culling". Unity does this always automatically, however it can be confusing because this is not visible by default in the scene view - the scene view will still show objects behind the game camera even though they are being skipped for rendering in the game camera.
It is possible to see the frustum culling in action, but you need to have occlusion culling baked for this, then activate the visualization for occlusion culling, please see this answer in the unity forums:

This of course raises the question why we still have an additional terrain culling script running in Gaia - we found by experimentation that deactivating the rendering for terrains which are outside of the camera frustum via script is a little bit faster than leaving the full terrain in for the regular frustum culling. 

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i have seen gaia spawned gameobjects culling before but in one of the project its not doing the action .. the spawned gameobjects via Biomes 

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