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Bug in GaiaWorldManager.NUtoPTI

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The method NUtoPTI in GaiaWorldManager can generate a rounding error bug when you are working on terrains far from the origin.  I have a large open world. I was working on terrain tiles located around 3000,6000.  I was getting an error because NUtoPTI was generating a negative number on X, which is invalid for the terrain index it was calculating.  The error occurred in the constructor method, on line 221:
 m_physicalTerrainArray[(int)positionPTI.x, (int)positionPTI.z] = terrain;

The method NUtoPTI  uses Mathf.Floor which will return a -1 if the calculated value is slightly below zero, due to rounding.  Of course, the method could also calculate the wrong index for other terrains, with indexes other than 0,0.  


positionNU.x = Mathf.Floor(positionNU.x + m_NUZeroOffset.x);


positionNU.x = 16f

m_NUZeroOffset.x = 16f

after: positionNU.x = 2.6E-7, due to float imprecision issues when calculating the position or offset.


I fixed this, albeit crudely, by changing the calculation to: positionNU.x = Mathf.Floor(positionNU.x + m_NUZeroOffset.x + 0.01f);


Could you please address this bug in a future release?

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