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Update: GeNa Pro v3.4.3


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We released an update for GeNa Pro. This update addresses various issues relating to the Physics Decorator, the UI for the GeNa Spawner's Save / Discard buttons as well as some overall improvements across the board. The update is available for our Canopy Pro subscribers or on the Unity Asset Store / PW Store.

You can find the download on Canopy here:0

GeNa Pro download

Change Log:

v 3.4.3


  • Added ignore system to Physics Decorator (see GeNa Manager's 'Physics Simulator' section).


  • Improved coloring of UI on GeNa Spawner in different versions of Unity.
  • Improved Save / Discard issues with Spawner Editor using Prefabs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug with GaiaTimeOfDayLightSync Manager (see HDRP TOD asset for more new releases).
  • Fixed various issues regarding internal Spawning.

In this release, a significant amount of focus was made to the Physics Decorator's behavior in both the Editor and at Runtime. 

You can now ignore objects in your scene by adding them to the 'Physics Simulator' panel in the GeNa Manager of your Scene

This will ensure that when you run the selected objects in your scene will not be affected by the Physics Simulation run by GeNa.
It's worth noting that you can also drag in root objects containing Rigidbodies in your scene and GeNa will collect all of the children as well.

About GeNa Pro:

GeNa Pro is a sophisticated level design system that enables you to rapidly and intuitively create beautiful levels for your game or simulation. Manually shaping your terrain and perfectly placing tens of thousands of objects into your scene is a meticulous process that takes huge amounts of time, and more often than not will look bland as designer fatigue sets in. GeNa Pro gives you what you want, where you want it, and perfectly adapted to it's environment in a fraction of the time that it would take to do by hand.




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