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A bug caused by texture formats

Kevin Sun
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When I applied GTS to my new designed terrain, I found an unexpected visual issue:




It seems like a shadow/normal map issue, so I checked the Normal Texture Array and found:




Some textures' R channels (Normal X-axis by definition) are missing




but their G channels (Normal Y-axis by definition) are good



while the other textures' R channels are good, too.


Therefore, I turned to check those R-missing textures and found they have a different format.




After I toggled off this override setting and created texture arrays again, the terrain now looks good.




In conclusion, GTS now might be unable to correctly pack texture arrays on textures with “RG compressed BC5” format (or maybe some other formats too). This can be a bug?



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  • Kevin Sun changed the title to A bug caused by texture formats
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Hi @Kevin Sun,

This occurs due to the way that normal maps get compressed depending on their type. When you set a texture to the mode 'Normal map' it places the Normal's X Axis in the Alpha channel, and GTS uses this type as the basis for creating the texture arrays. If the compression format is then set to RG Compressed BC5, it removes the alpha channel where the Normal's X Axis was stored in. 


GTS currently does not support override texture formats for each platform - but we can look into supporting it. In the meantime, after the texture arrays have been created, you can set the textures back to the platform overrides - once the texture arrays are created, GTS no longer needs the original textures in order to render.  


Can you show me what the properties of the normal map texture looks like (i.e. Texture Type, sRGB (Color Texture), Alpha Source) etc, so I can test it with the same properties you are using?

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Hi Isaac,


The texture is in TIF format normal map and its property looks below:




It's actually from the texture set used by Unity official HDRP Terrain Demo Scene.

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