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Problems reading texture layer for per-layer footstep sounds


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Hi there - I'm working on adding different footstep sounds to correspond with the different texture layers placed on a Gaia terrain by a texture spawner. I'm using a method similar to the video below for reading the splatMapData from the terrain to determine which sound set to use. When I run, I'm only getting a single layer returned, which happens to be the last layer rule in my texture spawner (this happens at all positions on the terrain). Is there a different way to read the terrain texturing performed by the Gaia spawners?




This is a code snippet from the example that shows how the relative texture mix is read from the terrain:


 private float[] GetTextureMix(Vector3 playerPos, Terrain t)
            Vector3 tPos = t.transform.position;
            TerrainData tData = t.terrainData;


            // Get Player's X and Z position relative to terrain
            int mapX = Mathf.RoundToInt((playerPos.x - tPos.x) / (tData.size.x * tData.alphamapWidth));
            int mapZ = Mathf.RoundToInt((playerPos.z - tPos.z) / (tData.size.z * tData.alphamapHeight));

            float[,,] splatMapData = tData.GetAlphamaps(mapX, mapZ, 1, 1);

            float[] cellmix = new float[splatMapData.GetUpperBound(2) + 1];

            for(int i=0; i<cellmix.Length; i++)
                cellmix[i] = splatMapData[0, 0, i];

            return cellmix;





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You could look in the GaiaAPI. 
The GaiaAPI class is the official API, and in there each function is described in the source code.

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my mistake, had a math bug in the code, this is working perfectly now.


bad parens in this code:

int mapX = Mathf.RoundToInt((playerPos.x - tPos.x) / (tData.size.x * tData.alphamapWidth));
int mapZ = Mathf.RoundToInt((playerPos.z - tPos.z) / (tData.size.z * tData.alphamapHeight));


should be:

int mapX = Mathf.RoundToInt(((playerPos.x - tPos.x) / tData.size.x) * tData.alphamapWidth);
int mapZ = Mathf.RoundToInt(((playerPos.z - tPos.z) / tData.size.z) * tData.alphamapHeight);

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