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Global Image mask issue

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Hello everyone once again! Having great progress on the map creation but I'm trying to set up a specific biome using an image mask and I'm having some scaling issues. Basically the map has plenty of islands that I wanna turn into biomes so Im using an image mask of just the islands in order to spawn the biomes there. Issue is after scaling up to the correct size, it wont fit. Like an island would be properly placed within the mask while another is offset. Repositiong wont work as another island will then get offset...etc. Any ideas on how to apply a global image mask properly. Said image is part of the "total" image used for generating the terrain. Does this make sense? Hopefuly! Thank you in advance.

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Depending on the size you might be reaching your total range. 
Its best to add a distance mask, and then control the spawning. 
Also I just wrote something the other day in terms of blending biomes as well, I will grab that. 


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Yep I'm using that method(almost) to spawn the rest of the biomes. How would I differentiate between them and the islands though? A distance and height mask is not enough as I need to exclude all other terrain that's not an "island". The island biomes needs to be on the "island" terrain. Maybe it's simpler than I'm thinking 🤔

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You can move the stamper around. 
I simply use the distance mask and height masks. 
Depending on the world you could use two height masks and and invert one of them. 

Its hard to say without seeing what your working on. 


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