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Non-Runtime Valheim-like map

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Hello! Currently enjoying Gaia Pro. I need some help setting up my workflow for a Valheim like world creation. I know Runtime Generation is not possbile but that's ok. Im just trying to create a huge terrain based on multiple biomes that mainly use heght and distance as a reference. I have watched and read plenty of tutorials but I'm still learning.(I have tried multi-biomes, one biome total and different approaches) Best I have achieved is global masks close to the ones I need but now way to make it random. Like some biomes/textures share the same coordinates so randomeness is requires on those spots. For now the "latest" spawner overrides the previous ones. Hope all of this makes sense and looking forward to any suggestion. Thank you in advance!



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Really for this case I would make two biomes that are different and a third biome that is a mix between the two. 
Remember that you only have so many textures that can be applied to a terrain. 
So make sure that you are blending correctly. 

Also this only matters per terrain so having a multi terrain setup would be better. 
Also for large world creation I would use the multi-terrain and multi scene setup. 


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Alright! Yep I'm already using a multi-scene, multi-terrain setup! Really appreciate the suggestion and I will give it a go. Currentlu using a single heightmap though as a "stamp". For the biome setup. You mean those 3 total biomes would be responsible for 2 of the biomes from my list? Not really sure Im following 100%. Lets say I have 5 biomes. Each with a height and distance specification. Some share said specifications. Textures would be minimal and I'm looking to spawn grass, trees etc moving forward. How would one go about setting that up? Blending is the issue I'm facing. Appreciate the quick response, again hope I'm being understandable enough.

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If you have 5 biomes I would create more. 
The additional biomes you would want to mix half and half (vegetation from biome 1 and vegetation for a biome 2). 
Then I would add a distance mask and noise mask. Spawn that biome in between your main biome areas. 
You would repeat this step for all your biome areas. 

Hopefully this makes since. 

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Ah! It seems to make sense so only thing remaining is to try it out! I will get back with any updates and mark your answer as the solution. Thank you for your response and help!

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