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Falling through terrain even with script


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Ok, I'm fairly new at terrain streaming and multi scene terrains in general, so I'll do my best to describe my issue/s. First thing, is that I am using RPG Builder as my framework, and I have no idea if that has anything to do with it or not, but I figured it was worth mentioning as well. I am on 2021.3.14. I have looked at the documentation, and nothing seems to work.


My player is falling through the scene, even with the "Rigidbody Wait for Terrain Load" script attached. Now one thing about RPG Builder that I've noticed, is that the player is not already in the scene, it is instantiated at runtime. I have set the wait for terrain script threshhold at 2, 5, 10, 100, even 1000 and when the scene first loads, everything will be fine. However, when the player is saved during scene closure, and reopened again, the player will fall through the world. Every time. First load everything works, second load, into the abyss he goes.


Aside from the necessary scripts for combat and the controller and RPG Builder related things, the only other scripts I have added are a rigidbody, terrain loader, Rigidbody wait for terrain load, and floating point fix. This happens on every single terrain that uses the terrain streaming feature, every time.


From my logic, I can't see how Gaia Pro 2021 would be clashing with RPG Builder, as RPG Builder doesn't really have anything to do with terrains at all, nor scene/terrain streaming.


But also, and this might be more of a RPG Builder thing, but it will only do this while using Gaia Pro 2021, is that after a few minutes, the entire player controller will stop working and the only thing I'll be able to do is walk around with WSAD. The skills stop working, shift button to run won't register, the middle mouse wheel stops working when you push it down, all functionality stops. And it will only do it on the scenes that use the streaming and floating point fix solution. So something is happening here with Gaia Pro 2021 in my project, and finally, in one of my scenes there is a terrible audio delay after about 30-60 seconds of playtime. It sounds like there is a really bad latency issue and like my skills were set off in a metal barrel, and they go slo-mo. Again, only on scenes with the terrain streaming.


I'd like some insight into this, as I did just spent a good penny on gaia pro 2021, gena pro, ambient sounds, pegasus, etc... Pretty much the whole suite.


I look forward to someone helping me get this resolved, as the features in gaia pro have become a necessity at this point in my game dev process.

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Are you using the Gaia Custom Player along with the RPG Builder? 
Also if the character is not in the scene you will need to adjust the character to load into the scene for Gaia systems to work. 
For example if the character moves from one scene to another and the player is not in that scene you need to tie into the Gaia API. 

The GaiaAPI class is the official API, and in there each function is described in the source code. 

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