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Looking for advice on which PW products suit my project most (maybe for Black Friday?)


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Hi there,
I am currently thinking on whether to take a look on other PW products I might need in the future for my in-dev game project.
There are already lots of PW products and it's difficult for me to know which does what exactly.
I read there's a Black Friday bundle but I don't know what it includes, where exactly to find it and if I even need it.
I am unsure what is useful and what not and I know you people care a lot, so I hope this leads to a helpful conversation.


What I currently have:

Gaia Pro 2021

What my game is planned to include:

    Weather effects, rain, wind, sun, you name it.
    Change of environment based on season, including a state that looks like a really sudden change to ice-age. What I am talking about is shock frozen tree skeletons and meters high with ice rocks that can melt if the conditions change, also changing the colliders a player or entities would walk on.
    Different bioms, underwater scapes, coral reefs, dense forests, vast plains, high snowy mountains, deserts. Just anything that makes sense, lore-wise.
    Caves (I believe there is currently no product to build caves in a really simple way. You have a quite steep learning curve as far as I know).
    Villages, fantasy-type cities, remote farms you can teleport to.
    Underground bases for certain villians (I don't know how to spell this one, sorry).
    Maybe also a modern village on the countryside (specifically, German village, if that makes any difference).
    Maybe also a slightly procedural way of entity spawning and handling, because I plan to make the game world habitable for a bunch of species I invented.

I am an indie developer, but I am hoping to find good solutions for such situations and plan ahead. I feel like PW helps me a lot achieve that, but there are so many products out there, I am unsure whether to pick this or that. Also, I read on Discord that you plan to announce a new product soon so I wonder if that one might suit any of those needs?
What about the new hair system Unity announced a few months ago? Will that change anything, like flora behavior?

Maybe I can get some ideas on what to put on my Black Friday list :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I posted this in another forum thread last Sunday but... I didn't get any reply yet so I try it here 🙏I hope this helps me decide whether I can pick something this Friday or rather wait for the next sale.

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I don't know if you have already made your purchases, but I would, as a fellow indie dev, advise you to get a Canopy subscription instead. That way you'll get all the pro tools with free updates.

Just to name a few tools in the pro package:
Gaia Pro (includes streaming if needed) (comes already with 5 biome packages upon install, canopy also gives you Fields of Color and Deep Desert biomes)

Gena Pro (cities, rivers, etc)

HDRP Time of Day (seasonal, weather, etc. See here for more info)
Scene Optimizer (see here for more info. Can make a huge difference in loading, etc!)

All procedural spawner packs  (Polygon Fantasy kingdom, Polygon Nature, Fields of Color, and more to come!)

Requests might be fulfilled (see below the quote!)

And there's of course Pegasus (make cutscenes and fly-throughs) and Sectr


As for the caves, there is Digger pro and Digger Pro (not procedural worlds) advanced (you'll need both to make the caves along a spline)

As for building art, you'd have to look on the asset store. What you can also do is buy Archimatix Pro (node based modeling, now with 50% discount and it's definitely worth it! Create many models non-destructive based on one base model, keep them resizable with the runtime controller). You can also buy uModeler (essentially Blender inside Unity, also now on 50% discount)


I hope this helped you a bit 🙂


From the FAQ:



Why would I choose a subscription over an outright purchase?
Outright purchases are subject to an annual upgrade fee, subscriptions are always up to date.
Subscriptions offer far more content and are far cheaper than outright purchases.
Professional and Studio subscriptions get early access to new tools and content updates on a regular basis.
Professional and Studio subscriptions enable you to suggest and then vote for what we make next.
Studio subscriptions also offer ticketed and one on one priority support.




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I agree.    One thing you need to consider as a developer myself..  which is what I do for a living so its important to know that the developer has been around for years, many asset developers have no experience and toss trash on the store and some of there fan boys who never made a game will, say its good and when used in real world, you will find that it falls short..


With PW many users use, in real world and real games... Sure there are people who just make games for fun, which is fine too, but you will find many assets fall short to due there lack of experience...  They also will disappear leaving you to update your self, or not able to at all, and you lose $$ ... So for me I look for developers who been around and that have experience ..

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