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Looking for advice on which PW products suit my project most


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Hi there,
I am currently thinking on whether to take a look on other PW products I might need in the future for my in-dev game project.
I am unsure what is useful and what not and I know you people care a lot, so I hope this leads to a helpful conversation.

What I currently have:

Gaia Pro 2021

What my game is planned to include:

  • Weather effects, rain, wind, sun, you name it.
  • Change of environment based on season, including a state that looks like a really sudden change to ice-age. What I am talking about is shock frozen tree skeletons and meters high with ice rocks that can melt if the conditions change, also changing the colliders a player or entities would walk on.
  • Different bioms, underwater scapes, coral reefs, dense forests, vast plains, high snowy mountains, deserts. Just anything that makes sense, lore-wise.
  • Caves (I believe there is currently no product to build caves in a really simple way. You have a quite steep learning curve as far as I know).
  • Villages, fantasy-type cities, remote farms you can teleport to.
  • Underground bases for certain villians (I don't know how to spell this one, sorry).
  • Maybe also a modern village on the countryside (specifically, German village, if that makes any difference).
  • Maybe also a slightly procedural way of entity spawning and handling, because I plan to make the game world habitable for a bunch of species I invented.

I am an indie developer, but I am hoping to find good solutions for such situations and plan ahead. I feel like PW helps me a lot achieve that, but there are so many products out there, I am unsure whether to pick this or that. Also, I read on Discord that you plan to announce a new product soon so I wonder if that one might suit any of those needs?
What about the new hair system Unity announced a few months ago? Will that change anything, like flora behavior?

Maybe I can get some ideas on what to put on my Black Friday list 🙂

Thanks in advance!


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I know this is late, but I'm super busy most of the time, but I typically use Gena alot, for spawning objects. You can use the spline tool as well, to make roads, rivers, and caves, if you use modular mesh set up.   Gena is one of my favorite tools, which I hear soon will be part of Gaia anyways.. I'm a little disappointed by that personally but I guess we will see how that works out before I get to annoyed.

, as it stands its a standalone tool.   Which is one thing I like about it, how ever  it does compliment GAIA, though, you can spawn trees, objects based on textures, masks etc.   


So, in my tool belt, GENA is my top tool for any thing for Unity in general....


No idea about the new product, I know only about, them bringing GAIA, Gena as one.   But they did mention something new is coming, so no one really knows.

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