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vegetation rendering issue


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Hello. Something odd has been happening, and I wanted to see if I can understand why and fix it. Before I begin, here's what I am using in the scene:

  • Unity: 2021.3.5f1
  • Gaia Pro: 3.3.0
  • Nature Renderer: 2021.1.5


I used Gaia to spawn trees and terrain details on the landscape. But though terrain details were visible in the scene view, they were not visible in game. It didn't seem to be a camera layers issue. It did turn out that every time I hit play, the Terrain settings for Tree & Detail objects would change:


I made sure that Draw was checked, and that Detail Distance and Detail Density were not zero. But hitting play and going into game reset these three things. I could alter them while playing in the editor, but of course the changes didn't stay.


Then I tried just using the terrain object that the Gaia terrain was pointing to: Gaia User Data/Sessions/.../Terrain Data/Terrain_0_1-20220720 - 195121

I dragged that into the scene and disabled the terrain under Gaia Terrains in the Hierarchy. Using this as the terrain, I hit play, and everything worked fine. Draw was still checked, and Detail Distance and Detail Density both had values above zero. Most important, I was able to see the vegetation on the terrain.


Since everything else was the same, it seems that something about the Gaia Terrain is cancelling "Draw" and the details when I hit play. Can you think of a reason why this is happening? I could of course just use the terrain the other way, but I'd rather just keep things Gaia set up the way it is in this scene... if it will draw vegetation.


Thank you

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Normally Gaia would not change this. 
Have you opened a new project without Nature Renderer in the project and see if it still happens? 
Seems to me the only way that would change is if an asset messed with it. 

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