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Road Spline Spawner Extension Spawner not spawning


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I have a Road Spline in my scene, and I'd like to spawn "debris" randomly along the outside of the road.


I've set up a GeNa spawner, and added a number of prototypes - broken carts, boxes, busted barrels, broken wheels, that sort of thing. I've configured the spawner, and am able to successfully spawn random stuff by CTRL + clicking in the scene.


Back to my Road Spline, and I've added a GeNa Spawner Extension. I've set the flow rate, range, align to ground and align to spline. I drag in my GeNa Spawner into the Spawner fields of the Spawner Extension.


When I click "Spawn" in the Spawner Extension on the Spline - nothing happens.


I was expecting the Spawner to spawn random game objects along the length of the spline.


Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


Many thanks again!

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Can you click on the spawner that you made and select Force Spawn? 
Then re ingest it to the road spline and try to spawn again? 

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Hey Bryan!


Yes, that worked!


Does that mean, though, that all the collision, height and slope checks are ignored?



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Actually, I've just cleared down the spawned object, went to re-spawn, and again, clicking "Spawn" spawns no objects.


I've checked the Spawner, and it's still set at "Force Spawn", but now when I clicked "Spawn", nothing.


I tried clicking "Refresh Ingestion" on the Spawner, but no dice.

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Alright I will check with the team and see if they have any suggestions. 
What GeNa Pro version are you using? 

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I talked with the team and this should be fixed in the latest update. 
Can you please try this and let me know? 


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Alright thank you please let me know, if it doesnt so that way we can take care of this issue if its still unresolved! 


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Hey guys,


I updated my project with GeNa 3.4, but still no luck with the Spawner extension.


I'm absolutely positive this is down to what I'm doing, so I've made a short video to demonstrate:



Please take a look, if you don't mind, and let me know what I'm doing wrong!


Just to confirm, I'm trying to spawn random objects along the road spline. The spawner itself seems to work, if I right click and spawn on the terrain. When invoked from the Spawner Extension, it doesn't seem to spawn any instances at all.


Thank you again!

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