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how do i adjust the terrain material


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i have a multi-terrain setup and the default terrain material is reflective. There's the diffuse option but i dont want to manually update all the terrains. also, when i change the terrain material manually, the spawn world button ignores the terrains that i modified manually. what's the correct what to do this?

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Having the same problem - sure do wish someone would answer this. I've tried changing the preset but it doesn't work consistently either.

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Can you please tell me what Unity versions you all are using? 
This is still a standard Unity terrain just with modifications. 
Usually if the spawn doesnt work that means there are rules not allowing it to work. 
Or direct instance is disabled in the terrain settings. 

The only other options would be using a beta version of Unity or wrong Gaia version with Unity. 


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Thanks, but I'm not having a problem with the terrain or spawning, per se; what I need to set is the default terrain material (in the terrain itself, not the splatmap/textures).  In the past, I was able to change it in the "Gaia Defaults" window, but I don't see a way to access/change the default material (e.g. terrain-diffuse) before I actually generate the terrain.  With a tiled terrain, that can mean needing to go into each terrain tile in order to set the terrain material.  I've done that several times with my 8-tile terrain, and it's a bit of a hassle.  If I build a 25-tile terrain (or larger!), it could get seriously annoying. 🤪


Unity 2021.3, by the way, with Gaia Pro / world-builder package ATM.

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