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Texture Spawner not working on all terrain tiles

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Hi All


After triggering a texture spawn some of my terrain segments are not retexturing properly.




Any idea what to do to fix these? I've looked in the docs and youtubed and googled but I'm not sure what this is even called?

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Hi @MikeHibbert, this looks quite unusual - those squares that you have there, are those separate terrains or is this one larger terrain where only parts of the terrain are wrongly textured?
If those are separate terrains, can you please check if those terrains do have the correct terrain layers on them? (E.g. there is this reddish / orange texture that seems to be missing on that yellow square - is that reddish / orange texture part of the terrain layer setup on that terrain?)
What does the visualization in the texture spawner show when you try to visualize those areas? Do you see the same weird pattern as well, or does the visualization look correct?
Are you running any kind of additional terrain shader, or is this the default unity one? (Gaia uses the unity terrain shader as well if no additional shader is installed)

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Hi @Peter


I have a grid of 8 x 8  sections of 256 x 256 terrain chunks. I've checked the adjacent sections and they are all in the 'Default' layer currently.




And with the visualizers on:




I installed the shader from Gaia when I first did the setup process in the Gaia Manager so I assume that I'm using those.




Thanks for the quick response!





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Hi @MikeHibbert, sorry I was not precise enough, I meant the Unity Terrain Layers, those are the "Texture Prototypes" that are available for painting on the terrain. I have the suspicion that some of those layers might be missing on the terrains that show the issue. You can find the Terrain Layers in the Terrain Inspector here:


If the terrain layers are missing, it is possible to copy the terrain layer setup from one "correct" terrain to the broken ones. If no terrain layer is missing, could you please try to draw on the terrain with the orange / reddish texture manually? (When you are looking at the terrain layers in the inspector you can select one of those and then draw on the terrain with one of the brushes.)

You could also try to select the texture spawner, and select "Fit to Terrain" to position it over the broken terrain and then click "spawn" local. This should result in the textures being recreated for the affected terrain only:



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Hi @Peter


Thanks! this worked and I found that I can transfer the texture layers back to the broken ones by just selecting the 'good' layer and painting the adjacent ones with the textures and doing an re-spawn!


Thanks again!





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Great to hear it is working now with the workaround! You can copy the entire terrain layer setup from one terrain to the other with a resource helper tool in Gaia, you can find it in the advanced tab of the Gaia Manager:


It is not normal though that that terrain was missing those terrain layers in the first place, normally Gaia should create those initially on terrain creation and even should add them later on if they are missing, not sure why it was skipping those terrains for you. If you can recognize any pattern when this happens again, please let us know as it might be a bug in Gaia itself.

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The only thing I can see is this error in my console:


DivideByZeroException: Attempted to divide by zero.
UnityEditor.TerrainInspector.GetAspectRect (System.Int32 elementCount, System.Int32 approxSize, System.Int32 extraLineHeight, System.Int32& itemsPerRow) (at <d63e58d1bc4b489593159fa6218bc0e6>:0)
UnityEditor.TerrainInspector.AspectSelectionGridImageAndText (System.Int32 selected, System.Int32 itemCount, UnityEngine.GUI+CustomSelectionGridItemGUI itemGUI, System.Int32 approxSize, UnityEngine.GUIContent emptyString, System.Boolean& doubleClick) (at <d63e58d1bc4b489593159fa6218bc0e6>:0)
UnityEditor.TerrainInspector.AspectSelectionGridImageAndText (System.Int32 selected, UnityEngine.GUIContent[] textures, System.Int32 approxSize, UnityEngine.GUIContent emptyString, System.Boolean& doubleClick) (at <d63e58d1bc4b489593159fa6218bc0e6>:0)
UnityEditor.TerrainLayerUtility.ShowTerrainLayersSelectionHelper (UnityEngine.Terrain terrain, System.Int32 activeTerrainLayer) (at <d63e58d1bc4b489593159fa6218bc0e6>:0)
UnityEditor.TerrainTools.PaintTextureTool.OnInspectorGUI (UnityEngine.Terrain terrain, UnityEditor.TerrainTools.IOnInspectorGUI editContext) (at <d63e58d1bc4b489593159fa6218bc0e6>:0)
UnityEditor.TerrainInspector.ShowPaint () (at <d63e58d1bc4b489593159fa6218bc0e6>:0)
UnityEditor.TerrainInspector.OnInspectorGUI () (at <d63e58d1bc4b489593159fa6218bc0e6>:0)
UnityEditor.UIElements.InspectorElement+<>c__DisplayClass62_0.<CreateIMGUIInspectorFromEditor>b__0 () (at <85ce2546aea04ced8c7d950642af19e8>:0)


Means nothing to me but perhaps your devs can get some ideas?

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