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Update: BEPR - Spawner Pack v1.1.0


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We released a new update for our BEPR (Big Environment Pack Reforged) Spawner Pack. This update includes the unofficial SRP support packages that allow you to use the pack's contents in HDRP and URP even though the pack itself does not officially support it. When using the packs please note that you will lose the billboard stage of trees for technical reasons. 

Here are some screenshots taken in HDRP with our own "HDRP Time Of Day" asset for lighting:

HDRP Shot 1.png
HDRP Shot 3.png
HDRP Shot 2.png
HDRP Shot 4.png
HDRP Shot 5.png

You can download the update from the Asset store / package manager, or as a Canopy Pro Subscriber you can download it directly from Canopy:

BEPR Spawner Pack Download



  • SRP-Support: Added support packages for the three different render pipelines. When you own Gaia, you can now use the pack's contents in all render pipelines with the Gaia shaders. Please refer to the (updated) manual document before using the SRP support packs; there are more detailed installation instructions inside this document.
  • Added Lighting settings for HDRP and URP
  • Removed Second Sand texture from texture spawner to stay within under eight textures for HDRP compatibility
  • Fixed issue where the Village and Castle GeNa spawners could lock other spawners

About the BEPR Spawner Pack:

I love modular asset packs! 

I get excited by visions of the amazing worlds I could create, and so i start placing blocks... and then reality sets in. 

Manually placing tens to hundreds of thousands of perfectly aligned objects into your scene is intensely time consuming.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could create and place infinite variatons of landscapes within minutes? What about flattening the terrain under buildings, or painting forests, or making roads, paths, rivers and fences?

Enter the Procedural Worlds Spawner Pack for Big Environment Pack Reforged. It merges the procedural power of Gaia Pro and GeNa Pro with your artistic vision to enable you to create in minutes what would take weeks or months by hand!


Tutorial Video:

For more information about how to use the pack, please visit our Manual Article in the Canopy Library.

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