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Spawners ignoring terrain tile.

Mark Shurtleff
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This is an odd one.  I've got a terrain tile that is being ignored by the biome spawners in Gaia Pro.  I created a 10x10x1024 grid in world designer, did a whole bunch of manual stamping to get a rough approximation of an area, then tried adding a new row manually to the back using the standard Unity create neighbor terrain and added them to the world through the terrain loader manager.  After some further stamping I ran the Coniferous Forest Biome spawner and everything worked, except for this one tile (located at position x9y11 in the grid).  Clearing spawns and retrying results in the same problem - the biome spawners are simply ignoring this one particular tile.

It almost looks like this tile is "stuck" in a partial spawn state.  I tried manually erasing the existing Gaia Game Objects attached to the tile and retried the spawn, still no joy.  Any ideas on what's going on?  I'm hoping it's something stupid/simple I've done out of ignorance ...

Unity 2021.3.6f1 LTS, Gaia Pro 2021 3.2.5, system Ryzen 3900X, 128GB RAM, all drives SSD, triple monitor


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Well, something is definitely screwed up in this project.  Enabling the visualization from the biome object produces nothing.  Enabling visualization from the individual texture spawner shows the effects only on the last two tiles in the world, even though all tiles except the one in question get affected when "spawn world" is applied.



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Well in the spawners thats fine I can see the Spawner Range box here: 

It wouldnt cover the whole world due to its size and computing power the visualization needs. 
However, you can increase the range on it. 

Now it still should be spawning there if you select spawn world. 
This is an issue that its not. 
If you move the spawner range over the terrain not actually getting spawned on does the visualization show? 


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  1. The out of position brown box at the top of the screen is the sand texture.
  2. After setting X to 2900, clicking through the various texture spawner visulaizers shows the application on the terrain tile in question.  However, per my previous screen shot nothing actually gets applied.
  3. Clicking through the Pine Tree spawner visualizers, none of the trees are spawning on the tile in question, although you can see their placement on the adjacent tiles.

Sand texture.jpg

Grass texture.jpg

STone Moss texture.jpg

Pine Tree spawner.jpg

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  • Solution

Before I got your response I tried the nuclear option:

  • export terrain heightmap
  • remove terrain from all scenes/loaders/etc.
  • delete terrain object and matching scene
  • recreate by adding neighbor terrain
  • apply saved heightmap to recreate the terrain geometry
  • import terrain into terrain loader to recreate scene
  • spawn textures (only)

This apparently fixed the issue as the textures are now applied.  It will take about a half hour to respawn the entire biome, but I'm hopeful. Sorry for not waiting for a response before taking the big hammer to the problem, but it was probably something dumb like having that setting inadvertently turned off somehow.

I'll post a followup after the biome has completed the regen.

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Yup, problem 'solved'.  Fortunately this is a sandbox project, so nuking the one terrain tile wasn't an issue.

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16 hours ago, Mark Shurtleff said:

Yup, problem 'solved'.  Fortunately this is a sandbox project, so nuking the one terrain tile wasn't an issue.

Thats great to hear that the issue is resolved! 


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