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GAIA Pro Script symbol definition gets added automatically on Non Pro GAIA


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I replaced GAIA Pro 2020 with GAIA 2021 Basic (deleted PW folder entirely). Now I get 100s of error because the following script symbol definition gets added automatically.. I tried removing it several times, but it still gets added within few seconds.
Is there something else I need to clear to remove reference to the previous PRO and make this stop from happening?
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You may need to go to Edit- Project settings- Player- Other- then remove the scriptable define symbols. 
Click on it and then hit the - key at the bottom right: 

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@Bryan I found a post here where @Peter suggested removing a GAIA Pro folder, and this seem to work for me.
After I deleted the GAIA Pro folder (where I   copied the Trees from previous version), Unity stopped automatically adding the Symbol back.

You probably need some other way to auto add this.

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I will make a note for the team regarding this. 
It seems like this would be the only way for it to recompile, meaning thats how it would need to do it. 
Otherwise we could make a check in the Preform Gaia maintenance, I can see what we can do regarding this. 


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