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Is Scene Optimizer will suppose to work with Gaia Pro?


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I think this doesn't work with terrains or object generated by gaia pro. Tried to optimize it but it will only create folders and not prefabs

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Yes, it creates a parent prefab, but no child prefab is generated under the parent node, it is empty, and the UI optimization button cannot be clicked

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Im not sure it has been fully fixed, or at least it seems to be exhibiting strange behaviour.   When I use GENA, GAIA Pro and Scene Optimiser, the optimiser doesnt seem to be able to handle Gena spawned objects properly.



I end up with a massive amount of objects which are not optimised?  How can I avoid this please?


Many thanks for any help

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You would want to Parent objects that are using the same material and are close to each other. 
The reason for this is that Scene Optimizer utilizes optimization for objects with the same material and combines them. 
Secondly, you would want to use this practice for Culling reasons as well. 

Also, please make sure that the items are marked static as well.

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