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Gaia '21 not recognising PPv2

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Heyo, installed Gaia '21. Have run maintenance a couple of times but doesn't seem to recognise that PPv2 is installed

UNITY: 2021.3.0f1

Have tested in a fresh project and it does seem to work, just can't figure out why it won't in my main project. I did previously have Gaia '20 in the project, have that was a while ago and was removed.


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I should note multiple re-imports have been done, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling PPv2, as well.

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Further to add to this, even though I use Pro, mesh exporter is not available and other issues are cropping up like lighting is not being set, or water added.

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@Five It looks in your screenshot that there seems to be an issue with the scripting defines in your project player settings - Can you please open
Edit > Project Settings > Player and check how it looks like in the scripting defines section? You should have the following defines in there on a Gaia Pro install and Post Processing V2 being installed:


Those defines are being used to "activate" certain blocks of code, e.g. if the Post Processing define is there, Gaia knows it is installed and activates the code for it.
I can tell there are defines missing for Gaia, and apparently it does not seem to set the scripting define for the post processing installation which is curious, as this define is not being created by Gaia, but rather by the post processing package itself when it is being installed, so there seems to be a general problem. Does the console show any error messages that do not go away when you clear the console window? If yes, those might need to be fixed so the project does recompile.
If not, you could try adding the above scripting defines manually and then Gaia and Post Processing would function, but you would need to keep in the back of your head that other assets / packages being installed might show this issue as well.

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Hi Peter, 

Thanks so much. Turns out it was me being silly. I had Linux Dedicated Server Build enabled instead of the standard windows.

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