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Can't get tessellation to work properly

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Wracking my brains on this one. HDRP 2021.3.5f1. 

No matter what I do, I cant seem to get the tessellation to displace the terrain where the mask height texture should be. When i change any of the values, the whole terrain shifts up, not just where the mask is. The intended effect should just be the swirls in the sand (as it is in the texture). 

Is there a different "height" slider to affect the displacement on the tessellation? 

Thanks in advance.



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Hi @badname, 

GTS uses the mask map texture's blue channel to determine the heightmap. Can you check if the SandPainted_Mask texture has height information stored in the blue channel? 

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Hi, can you also check the tessellation multiplier amount in the profile settings? If its 0 there won't be any tessellation on the terrain. This can also be debugged in the editor by viewing wireframe mode.


Could you also check whether the texture array conversion process was successfull - under the texture array settings, select the albedo array:


And check whether the alpha channel in the texture array has any height information stored in it:image.png.7cf65f142b5826e50ce03f31b8ca4bec.png


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Hey, I have attached the mask texture so you can take a look. Changing the tessellation I can see it affecting it in the wireframe. But still no displacement. Here is the full settings on the layer. Playing with all the values results in the same broken result.image.thumb.png.820ea3cbeabc13c7b108abaa5a07e87a.png


Alpha channel has the displacement

Appreciate your help so far


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Thanks for the mask map texture. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce the issue yet. When using that texture in a layer and re-generating the texture arrays, my sand layer behaves correctly. image.thumb.png.87755a89e36976cc0709fd0289ad5152.png

And adjusting it:image.thumb.png.b3c4e1b8097a89da4d04a89236230c2f.png


How many layers are on the terrain? And what are the import settings for the mask map texture?

Does the displacement work on a new scene with an empty terrain with just the sand layer? (You may want to duplicate the profile for this test)


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Ah hah! Regenerating the texture arrays worked! I must've had a bad heightmap before and didn't realize they wouldnt reupdate if I updated the texture. 


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