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Post-processing rendering (Volume) with Unity 2021 vs Unity 2020

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To explain my problem, I created the exact same scene twice with Gaia Pro 2021 (HDRP) with the default "Day" lighting.

The first screenshot is Unity 2020.3, second screenshot is 2021.3

With 2021.3, we see an ugly shaking noise.

I guess that Unity 2020 & 2021 doesn't have the same HDRP features, and thus Gaia post-processing settings should be adapted accordingly.
Any idea to fix it, please ?




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Hi @Loran75, the issue is difficult to see in a screenshot alone. What is noticeable is that the fog on the floor in front of the house seems to have changed, is that what is flickering?

I cannot rule out there is an issue with the Post Processing setup in HDRP in a certain unity version, we did not notice any issues with that in 2021.3 yet though. Could you please select the Post Processing Volume object in the scene, and deactivate the Post Processing effects one after another to see if you can identify which effect is connected to the issue?

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3 hours ago, Loran75 said:


The noise disappears when I disable Screen Space Global Illumination.

I attached the video on Unity 2021 and the equivalent settings in Unity 2020.

(The issue is more visible in full screen)



Capture d’écran 2022-07-01 231407.png

Hmm this is not something i ran into in latest ersion of unity could just be a bug with SSGI in that unity version. Recommend just disabling it, could you also try SSGI quality on high and full resolution enabled to see if the issue is still visable?

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I can't explain that I'm the only one to see differences between Unity 2020 and 2021.
I'll investigate further and let you know.


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@PeterI don't use dynamic resolution.
Thanks for investigating.

From now, I just desactivate SSGI with PW Day Lightning, it's ok.


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