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HDRP Time Of Day 1.1.0

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About This File

The HDRP Time Of Day System is a full-featured lighting, sky, and weather system with a day-night cycle and volumetric clouds. It can be used as a standalone asset in any unity project, but also is integrated with Gaia as well. If you intend to use it with Gaia please make sure to read the installation instructions below.




The system will be installed in the folder

Assets\Procedural Worlds\HDRP Time Of Day

For more information about how to use the system please refer to this manual article in the Canopy library:


How do I get it?

To access either Subscribe to our Pro Subscription and download it from here, or purchase outright on the Unity Asset Store and download it from the asset store.



If you install along an existing Gaia Pro 2021 installation, please note that Gaia Pro 2021 contains an older, embedded version of HDRP Time Of Day. This should automatically be handled by the installation process of the package. If it does not, please refer to the library page above under the "Installation" section.

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog



  • Improved installation alongside Gaia Pro 2021: If Gaia Pro 2021 is present in the project, HDRP TOD will now automatically remove the older, embedded version in Gaia - it is not required to delete files manually anymore.
  • Removed Gradient Sky option (never used).
  • Space rotation (Rotates the star field slowly to give a more dynamic effect).
  • Improved weather transition fade in/out (If weather fx is stopped mid-way).
  • Improved execution performance when processing TOD.
  • Editor UX cleanup.
  • Interior controllers, manage weather particle effects using AABox for collisions setup to get more realistic visuals.
  • Added multi blend stages to interior controllers (Enables collisions in the blend bounds then changing audio reverb in the main bounds area).
  • Added priority for interior controllers.
  • Fixed shader manager get sand albedo was getting snow instead.
  • Weather fx improvements.
  • Cloud layer now gets applied correctly during weather transitions.
  • Fixed bug when weather fx finished the transition the clouds would pop and go dark.
  • Fixed camera settings not being applied.
  • Added TOD shader variants asset.
  • Fixed some on-import compile errors.
  • Start/stop button added to debug UI.
  • Removed legacy systems code form the core system (Code cleanup).
  • HDRPTimeOfDayProfile.CopySettings now copies all the settings correctly.
  • Slight improvements to ‘Automatic Exposure’ mode.
  • Reflection probe system improvements when weather is transitioning in/out.
  • Applying shader settings during weather fx improved and optimized.
  • Optimized HDRPTimeOfDayComponentType (Moved the update follow transform part of this script to HDRPTimeOfDayTransformTracker) This removes 7 update calls and just now uses only 1.
  • Added some more default settings to the default profile allowing users to customize the default setup of time of day.
  • LitWeather shader now support alpha clipping.
  • Improved GTS support.
  • Demo scene for override volumes and interior controllers added.
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