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Early Access

Early Access Versions of our tools which have additional features to try out early on. Feedback welcome!

3 files

  1. HDRP Time Of Day - Gaia Pro Early Access

    This is an early access version of Gaia featuring the upcoming HDRP Time of Day System for Gaia Pro 2021. It features fully configurable Time Of Day Lighting, HDRP volumetric clouds and weather effects.


    You can download this Early Access Version as part of your Canopy Pro Subscription and use it as you regularly would use Gaia. The system requires Unity 2021.2 HDRP.
    If you install over an existing Gaia installation, please make sure to remove the folder Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Gaia Pro\HDRP Time Of Day first - this folder contains an older version of the system that will create conflicts if it is being kept around. If you accidentally installed over without deleting the folder first, delete the folder now and re-import the Early-Access Version again. This should fix it. 
    For more details regarding using the Time of Day System, please see the library article here:



  2. Dam Content Pack

    The Dam Content Pack features a collection of sample assets that can be used to build a dam with water overflow VFX  in your scene. The dam uses the early access extrusion feature of GeNa and therefore can easily adapt to different terrains since it is generated dynamically from a spline. This pack is available to our Canopy Pro subscribers - please click here to learn more about our Canopy Pro offer.
    You can see a complete scene being built around this dam in this speed level design video:
     For more information about how to install and use the pack, please visit the documentation in the Canopy Library.



  3. GeNa Pro Early Access

    Early Access Version of GeNa Pro with a new Mesh Extrusion feature - allows you to create meshes with varying shape and texturing that follow your spline, for bridges, custom roads, tunnels, etc.
    The Library has instructions on how to use the new Extrusion tool, please review them first. It is recommended to follow along with these examples to get a basic understanding of this new tool first before using it in your own scenes.

    As with any new tool / version that you install, please make a backup first before you add it to a production environment.



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